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Weigh to go program

For those seeking to lose weight, I use methods of determination and will power to tackle this transformation.  Ultimately, this drive has to come from within.  I break my weight loss program down into a 3month/3 phase cycle:

  •  Stabilization Endurance Phase - We work on restoring muscle balance and function. This will improve your posture, balance, core function, flexibility, and movement efficiency. You need a solid foundation to build on.

  • Strength I Phase- Here, I focus on stimulating  muscle growth and increasing strength. This phase is important to the overweight or obese individual because increasing lean mass will boost resting metabolism to help with weight loss.

  • Max Strength Phase-Here, I continue to maximize opportunities to increase muscle mass.  I  push this phase for people who need or desire more lean mass or for those seeking to accelerate fat loss.

Weight Loss Channel

Weight Loss Channel

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