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Sports Training Channel

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If you want to become a better player, regardless of your position, you'll need to develop a high level of conditioning. With BCoFit, you'll not only get sports-specific conditioning workouts, you'll also get strength and power workouts, speed drills, and nutritional advice from former pro (NFL, AFL, AF2, IFL) Brandon Copeland. The SPORTS program starts with an initial assessment of body type and abilities to better understand your imbalances, challenges, and goals. This fully customizable program establishes a solid foundation in fundamentals, allowing for long term success and structure, not just an immediate impact.

I run my sports specific program in a group training setting, but work with no more than 5-7 children or teens at a time.  I personally keep my groups to 5-7 kids because too many clients at once, make my hands on teachings difficult to contain.  My Group training is ideal for children and teens because it allows greater opportunities to incorporate a fun factor into the program and highlight each child’s strengths. It helps teens develop relationships and social support so they can continue exercising outside the training session.

My program is broken down into 12 week cycles, each lasting about 3 weeks.

· Pre-Season (Peak Strength and Power)

· In Season (Maintaining Strength and Power)

· Post Season (Recovery)

· Off Season (Stability and Fundamentals)

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